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Snapchat Online Brings Everyone Together in the Moment

Snapchat Online, or Snapchat as most call it, is a uniquely created application in itself.  If you have never used, heard of it or tried this application, then stick around because I will take you on a short tour through Snapchat Online. With Snapchat online, it makes sharing your time and special moments easier with others. It is a way to make it feel like your friends and family are right there with you or vice versa. Snapchat Online is one of the simplest apps to download, signup and use, so why not try it out.

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If you like living in the moment, then you have to check this app out. This lite weight application only takes up a sliver of space and will work on both Android and IOS compatible devices. Snapchat Online has a sign –up process that is simple and smooth, yet offers several ways to get and stay connected with only a few clicks.

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Once you have downloaded Snapchat Online and have made yourself an account to use then it’s time to start snapping as some might say.  So, what exactly is involved with this application, what is all of it about? Unlike other applications it comes with a unique way of taking photos, capturing videos and messaging. Instead of saving each picture or video to your device, they are stored on Snapchat’s Online server but only for a short time, it is sent over to someone that when they open the content, they have between 1 and 10 seconds that will allow for viewing before it deletes itself. The content is only savable by one method, and that is via a screenshot from that device, but it will notify the sender that the receiver has done so. The only way to really load pictures that will “store” on Snapchat Online is your story. This is where the user can share the content they are sending at that time with their story. This will then add it to the user’s story for everyone to view, or, at least, everyone in your contact list.

Other unique features of Snapchat Online are,

  • The ability to add contacts right from your device or email address
  • You can login via a computer but only to make account certain changes, it does not have a web based interface as of yet
  • It’s a form of social media without having to maintain a profile
  • It will even allow you to draw your pics and send them

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This easy to use, fun, and creative photo/video application has become one of the hottest applications available. With over 100 million users by its third year and 350 million photos sent daily, Snapchat online is something to be raved about. Users give this a 4 out of 5-star rating and encourage one another to download it if they do not have it already. It’s currently one of the easiest and creative ways to stay connected and live in the moment.

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