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how to send an anonymous text

Send Anonymous Texts With These Tips

Send Anonymous Texts is becoming one of the increasing demands with the popular use of devices these days. Everything we do on our devices leaves some sort of imprint of what did, so how can you send anonymous texts? It is still actually easier than you think; you just have to get a little more creative with how to go about it. Lots of people want to find out information, ask a question or even comment on a topic but are afraid of their identity being revealed. Some worry work will find out, their family, or even friends. So how can you get around this, so you can be part of that blog you have been dying to comment.

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There are a few methods you can use to stay anonymous, or send anonymous texts, and I am not just referring to your text messaging system, we are referring to text as a whole here. So how can you send that text that you have been dying to send or comment on? To start, you could simply sign-up with an email carrier that you do not use, make sure not to fill out the personal information with your info, instead create an alias that you will remember. This will allow you to be part of the action without having a tag on you that others would recognize.

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You can even take the email address one step further now, especially with the growth of technology and its functions. If you have the persons cell phone number including area code, you can go to Google and perform a carrier lookup to identify this person’s cell service carrier. Once you have id that, the carrier will have an email address that you can use after the persons ten-digit cell phone numbers that will allow you to send text from your email to this persons cellular device. You will also receive their reply right to your email address as well. If you set up this information correctly you can communicate with someone first to identify who they are before you revealing information about yourself across the web.


Now this is not advising that you go use this for something illegal or bullying; this is simply meant to teach individuals that there is indeed a way to communicate anonymously with some still. This would come in handy for parents who are checking up on stuff, if you are inquiring about a job position that is open, or when you are trying to purchase something online and do not want to give out your information. Whatever the use may be for there is still a way to send anonymous texts.

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