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How Many Votes For Withdrawal Agreement

This ensures that the UK will remain in line with EU climate, environmental and workers` rights conventions in a future trade agreement. Amendment 329-302 tabled by Mr. Letwin was passed and asked the House of Commons for a series of indicative votes on March 27. Three ministers resigned from the government in support of the amendment: Richard Harrington (Minister of Economy), Alistair Burt (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Steve Brine (Health). The Beckett Amendment, tabled by Margaret Beckett, was defeated by 314:311. It would have forced Parliament to vote on a “no deal” Brexit or to ask for an extension of Article 50 if the government were in the absence of an agreement within seven days of leaving the European Union. The modified main request (Letwin, but not Beckett) went 327-300. Later that day, Conservative MP Anna Soubry, when questioned by the Prime Minister, called on May to accept The Grieve amendment: “The Prime Minister says she wants a sensible vote on Brexit before we leave the European Union. Will she also be so good at this last moment that she accepted my right-wing Hon and learned of Amendment 7 from the friend, in a spirit of unity for all here and in the country? [24] May rejected the idea and said, “We were very clear that we would not launch legal instruments until this good vote had taken place, but the [Grieve] bill that is being drafted indicates that we should not implement these provisions and legal instruments until the withdrawal agreement and the transposition law have reached the code of law. This could be at a very late stage of the procedure, which could mean that we are not in a position to have the orderly and smooth exit from the European Union that we want.

[25] On October 21, the government issued the withdrawal agreement and proposed three days of debate for opposition members to review it. [146] The government introduced the recently revised EU Withdrawal Act in the House of Commons for debate on the evening of 22 October 2019. [147] MEPs voted in favour of a second reading, adopted by 329 votes to 299, and the timetable for debate on the law, which was rejected by 322 votes to 308. Prior to the vote, Johnson had said that he would abandon attempts to pass the agreement and would seek to hold parliamentary elections if his timetable did not generate the necessary support for its adoption by Parliament. After the vote, Mr Johnson announced that the law would be overturned while he held talks with other EU leaders. [147] [148] Earlier, Sir Keir Starmer, shadow secretary for Brexit, had said that Labour could still “win the moral argument” after the failure of its attempt to include the protection of refugee children in the government`s Brexit agreement.

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