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Sign in Sing In or Outlook Sing In It’s All About the Same sing in is definitely not going to help you. You can sing to it all you want but nothing will happen at sing in. This is because what you are looking for is actually referred to as sign in. There may be some confusion because what was once Hotmail has now changed and taken on a different name. The name is Outlook. Outlook is what was formerly known as Hotmail and owned and operated by the Microsoft Corporation. When you sign into Outlook, you are in an essence signing in to Hotmail. Sing In

You will need your Hotmail username and password in order to access your Microsoft account. To login to your Hotmail account simply enter your Hotmail email address into the box that says email on the Outlook page. Next enter your password. Only click the box for keep me signed in if you are on a personal device or private computer. Do not do this on public computers as others can have access to your information which can be potentially dangerous. Remember that your Microsoft password isn’t case-sensitive password and must be entered exactly the way that you set it up. Now you click the Sign In button. Sing In

That is all it takes you are now signed in to your sign in. Having access to the world of Hotmail or what is now known as Outlook will help you to stay in touch with everyone that you need to. It also gives you an important tool for business and work. Having an active email address that you have access to gives you a multitude of abilities online. Sing In

Practically everything requires an email address to sign up as well as to order gifts online. Microsoft offers you a world of opportunities utilizing outlook. Your Hotmail account will work just like it did before and you will not have to change your email address. Remember that your Hotmail email address is not case sensitive. I know that it can be confusing because if you are like me, you would think that Outlook and Hotmail are different things because the sites look different, and the URLs are different but in fact if you sign into Outlook you are signing into Hotmail. If you ask me, this is more confusing than trying to get into Hotmail sing in’!

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