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Hella Share Pooling Agreement

Note: This text is also available on the Internet: An image of the Hella headquarters can be downloaded here. DUESSELDORF, Germany, Dec 1 (Reuters) – Families who control Hella have sold 1.1 million shares, or about one percent of the company, as the German automaker said on Friday. – TRADING of HELLA shares is expected to begin on 11 November 2014 – a private placement of approximately 11.1 million new shares at a price of 25.00 EUROS per share was successfully concluded today. This first tranche is a decisive milestone for the entire transaction. The investment volume of this first tranche was approximately 278 million euros. EURO in a two-tiered transaction structure: HELLA has already placed in a confidential private placement 11,111,112 shares (approximately 11.1 per cent of the share capital) of a capital increase (still to be realized) at a price (yet to be completed) of 25.00 EUROS per share and generated revenues of about 278 million euros. This first stage of the global transaction completed today allows hellA to meet the listing requirements of its shares on the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard) as well as on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Please note:You will also find this text and photographic material in our press address The company`s high institutional ownership makes the safety margin a very important consideration for existing investors, as long trends in bulls and bears often appear when these large investors see a change in the company`s long-term potential. This will allow investors to reduce the impact of non-fundamental factors such as the volatility of the effects of block trading on their portfolio value. However, the ownership structure should not be the only center of gravity of your research when you create an investment thesis around HLE. On the contrary, you should consider fundamental factors such as intrinsic valuation, which is an important driver of HELLA GmbH KGaA`s share price. I urge you to conclude your research by examining the following: with the success of confidential private placement, HELLA has reached the decisive milestone for the IPO and ten per cent of the shares (Post Capital Increase) are already placed with institutional investors and Family Offices.

HellA shares are expected to debut on November 11, 2014 under the stock symbol HLE. The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is DE000A13SX22, the Securities Code (WKN) is A13 SX2. HellA KGaA Hueck – Co. is expected to announce the price range and final price of the shares of the additional private placement on November 3, 2014, as well as the final number of shares awarded in an ad hoc press release on November 6. Families hold about 60% of Hella through a pool contract that will last until at least 2024. The shares were placed by the bank lamp for 50 euro per piece, which corresponds to a discount of about 3 percent on Thursday`s closing price. For more information, please contact: Dr. Markus Richter Spokesperson for HELLA KGaA Hueck and Co. Rixbecker Strae 75 59552 Lippstadt Germany Phone: `49 (0)2941 38-7545 Fax: `49 (0)2941 38-477545 – In the second part Up to 5.75 million additional shares (including the Greenshoe option) of family shareholders are proposed – HELLA remains a family business with family shareholders as a long-term majority investor The dispersed property will be approximately 15 per cent if the Greenshoe option is fully exercised; the remaining 85% of the shares.

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