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Geometry Dash free download

Geometry Dash is Making Waves

Geometry Dash is a new craze that is catching on and taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t heard of the amazing new game yet then where have you been, under a rock, after all,, who doesn’t know about Geometry Dash? Geometry Dash is available on the Google Play Store in a few different options. There is the light version, the original version the ice melting version and the fire version. Geometry Dash on the Google Play Store is a dollar 99 and has an almost 5-star rating from more than 300,000 reviews.

geometry dash free

Sleeping store around dangers at every turn! In this action-packed platform rhythm-based game you are bound to face some perils. Nearly impossible challenges will definitely occur when you enter the realms of the notorious geometry dash! Put your mind to the test and push your abilities to their limit as you skip flip jump rope and fly through a multitude of obstacles and corridors. But be careful not to run into anything along the way. This easy to play and simple game is fun and addictive. You will be captivated for hours upon hours once you start. The amazing features in this game offer all sorts of fun gameplay. Features like these.

  • Action platforming on a rhythm-based game
  • Unique levels with their own soundtracks
  • Utilized editing tool for levels to create and share with others
  • Practice mode will allow you to gain more experience\

geometry dash free 2

One of the best features I personally found with this game beyond the fun near impossible mode was that it has it did not contain any in-app purchases! This made it a big plus in my book as I hate to start playing games and then have to dump tons of hard earned money into them to enjoy the game any further. You will never run into that when you are playing geometry dash. If you’re looking for a fun game to play that you can spend countless of hours in join without the worries of having to fork out hard earned money to enjoy it then you need to download Geometry Dash!

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