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Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement

Question 18: Why do the obligations to protect classified information under SF 312 exceed the duration of a worker`s release? (g) The provisions of SF 312, SF 189 and SF 189-A do not replace the provisions of Section 2302, Title 5, U.S. Code, relating to the protected disclosure of information by government employees or other U.S. statutes. (a) anyone who believes, with deliberate or right reason, that he must be accustomed to the violation of the United States or, for the benefit of a foreign nation, to pass on or pass on or pass on to a foreign government or political group or to a party or military or naval forces in a foreign country, whether recognized or not recognized by the United States. , or to transmit or transmit, directly or indirectly, to a fractional or party or sea force in a foreign country, whether recognized or not recognized by the United States, or to a representative, officer, representative, collaborator, subject or citizen of the latter, directly or indirectly, any document, letter, code book, traffic book, signage book, sketchbook, photo , photographic negative, plan, map, model, reference, camera, device or information on national defence, are punishable by death or imprisonment for a period of one year or for life. It is illegal for any U.S. official or staff member, department or agency or company whose stock is who is who is whoss or partly held by the United States or a department or agency, either by any means to any other person that that official or his or her staff knows, or has reason to believe that he or she is a representative of a foreign government. , in any way, with or by any official or member of a communist organization within the meaning of Section 782, paragraph 5, of this title, any information qualified as the security of the United States by the President (or by the head of a department, agency or entity with the president`s consent), knowing or having reason to know that such information was classified in this way that it was classified in this way. , unless that official or worker has been expressly authorized to disclose this information by the president or the head of the department, agency or company that employs that official or worker.

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