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Block phone number Android  (1)

Block Phone Number Android Options

Block phone number Android is something that you are going to be looking for when you want to get rid of annoying calls. This is an easier process than one might think and it doesn’t require much to block phone number Android. This is actually referred to as blacklisting or blocking a number. The process in which this takes place is not very complicated and can be done by basically anyone. Everybody knows you get those annoying phone calls from the fake Google places or the place that says your auto insurance is about to expire or the one that just wants to talk to you to see if they can get your credit card number.

Block phone number Android  (1)

It would be great to get rid of these people before they even had the chance to call and you can do this by blacklisting them. You do that’s all you have to do is simply click on Contacts application. You will see the option to select a specific contact that you would like to block. Next tap on the menu key so that you can have other options. Here you will see the ability to add the contact number to a blacklist. This will instantly block the number from future calls. If ever you wanted to unblock this number it is the same process reversed.

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It’s that easy to blacklist a phone number from your Android device. Some Android devices are also set up with a call rejection or auto reject list. You can add up to 100 numbers on average to this list, and Android will automatically remember that these are numbers you do not want to hear from. Check to see if you have this on your Android device it should come on a galaxy s4 is an above. With these simple tools at hand, there are also other ways.

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Other ways such as apps you can download to your device to help block unwanted calls. However if you can utilize what is already built into your phone and there is no need to go ahead and download it at any further. After all, all you’re looking at is how to block phone number Android.

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