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The Best of Snachat Directly on Your Computer

Snapchat online is where you will want to turn to if you want to use the same great service Snapchat offers through its app but not on your mobile device. Your laptop or desktop computer can be used to view Snapchat online. You must first have the app installed that will allow for you the ability to utilize all the great features you love on Snapchat from your computer instead of your phone.

You already know how much you love Snapchat on your device. Having access to share what you’re doing live with friends and post your story for the world to see is exactly what some people are all about. For those of you who must show everything you’re eating, everything that you see, everything that you look at, everything that you watch, and everything that you do to the world, Snapchat online gives you the ability to do this when you are sitting in front of your desktop or laptop computer not just while you’re on your mobile device.

In order to make sure that your device is set up to allow for the installation of the Snapchat Online app you will need to make sure that the security parameters on your phone or in place properly. This can be done by accessing the settings on your device. Make sure to look for the words security and the words unknown sources. Beside the word unknown sources will be a small square box of what you must make sure there’s a check mark. If there’s not one there, a place when there now.

You are finished with setting up the security parameters now. All that’s left to do is install the in Snapchat Online app then when you log into Snapchat on your computer you will be able to utilize all the great features of Snapchat online. You will need a webcam or a laptop with a built-in webcam in order to send snaps. Remember any snap that you send does not just disappear into oblivion it can be recorded and saved to be spread across the internet in multiple different ways. So if you don’t want it shown to the world don’t send it. Enjoy all the benefits of Snapchat from the comfort of wherever you choose on your desktop or laptop computer with Snapchat online.

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