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Aptoide Android Market is Free for You

Aptoide is one of the biggest when it comes to independent android app stores out there! Unlike other app stores you can manage and set up your own Android store on Aptoide. All of the same great apps that you know and love are available on Aptoide. You get the best Android apps on the market. If you are an oem, developer, integrator or Tellico than you know how awesome it is to manage and create your own Android store.

If you’re a consumer looking for amazing apps than the Aptoide market is the place for you. Don’t waste your hard-earned money $1 at a time buying apps from other play stores when you can get the same exact apps for free on your device. There are multiple individuals who helped develop and make these apps accessible for you. When you come to the Aptoide market you come to get great apps and that’s it.

If you are a developer or want to manage your own Android store there is a sign-up process. There’s also an option to sign up with Aptoide for those who choose. It is not a necessity however. You can come to aptoide and  did enjoy all the great apps you want to completely free of charge. All you have to do before downloading apps is make sure that the security settings on your device are set properly to allow for the installation of files from unknown sources. If you are not sure about this it is very easy to check.

Simply open the security settings on your device and look for the words unknown sources. If you’re not sure how to access this just open the settings tab on your device and look for security. Click security and now look for the words unknown sources. Make sure there’s a check mark in that box beside these words. If there’s not put one there now then exit out the settings on your device. You may now choose the APK file you were going to download and start the download process by tapping or clicking on it.

Once you start to download the APK file you will be prompted after a few moments to accept the terms and conditions and finalize the installation process. You will do this by simply checking yes on your device. Within moments the APK file will download and you will have access to the great apps that your friends are spending their hard-earned dollars for. When you want to enjoy all the apps that are available to everyone else but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it you can join one of the largest distribution marketplaces for Android mobile apps out there by logging into Aptoide.

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