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Youtubefacebook – What?

Youtubefacebook is kind of a funny search term if that’s what you typed in. I’m not sure whether you’re looking to YouTube Facebook as in finding Facebook on youtube or if you’re looking to find YouTube on Facebook, no matter what it’s not youtubefacebook. These two mega companies haven’t merged together yet. If they did that, it would be one of the most epic major mergers of all time.


However if you are looking to follow YouTube you can do this on Facebook. You can also go to YouTube and see what Facebook is up to. It’s kind of like they watch each other in some strange way. Not affiliated with one another yet two major companies butting heads keeping an eye on one another by having a counseling each others platform. On Facebook of course you can stay in touch with the world around you. It’s like an online book that has your face.


Your face can be shown on this book to everybody by posting pictures of what you’re doing checking in to Locations your ad and basically letting the whole world know every thought you have everything second that you have one. YouTube is similar to this except usually all your thoughts are saved to be put into what some call a show. These shows showcase a unique perspective from an individual’s point of view.


These shows on YouTube can subscribe to and can lead to quite the success. There are many individuals who are making a very lucrative living using the YouTube platform. Business marketing along with social marketing games great advantages when utilizing YouTube. Everybody from Millennials to retirees and love you too. Even people who don’t use the internet or own a smartphone or talk about YouTube videos that their buddy shows them at work. Just remember its either YouTube or Facebook. Not YouTubeFacebook.

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