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Whatup is the WhatsApp Messenger App

Whatup isn’t what you want. Whatsapp is what you want not whatup. With more than 34 million positive reviews and 4.4-star rating the WhatsApp messenger app is taking the world by storm. Starting your first year completely free of charge and then $0.99 a year for each year afterward is not a bad deal by any means. This means you will be able to stay in touch with anyone you want no matter whether it’s family, friends, loved ones, or business connections all year long for free using an Internet connection. This means you also avoid long distance call charges and roaming charges associated with urine cellular communications provider.


The WhatsApp messenger has no additional fees for utilizing your phone’s internet connection. And it works utilizing multimedia so that you can receive and send voice messages, photos, and video. The Whatsapp calling feature allows you to call anyone you want even in other countries. You will utilize the WhatsApp connection to the internet rather than your phone’s cellular plan. You will not be able to dial 9-1-1 however. Group chat will allow you to stay in touch with everybody you want super easily. In the WhatsApp web allows you to send messages from your computer or browser just like you would through your phone or tablet.


There are no international charges associated with WhatsApp messenger. You do not have to remember pin numbers are user names either. You are always logged in and can quickly connect with any of your contacts. Offline messages are saved until the next time you are online and much more to make WhatsApp messenger one of the greatest apps to hit the market in a long time.


This amazing application was developed by people who worked at Yahoo for over 20 years. They know what you doing don’t want when it comes to a nap. One thing you will not find in this app is advertisements. Advertisements are annoying, and nobody wants to see tons of them. Today most apps that are free swim so many ads and to him that you can barely even enjoy whatever the app started out as.


The easy-to-use learn and remember user interface is beautifully and elegantly designed on WhatsApp messenger. You may personalize it and with pictures for contacts as well as other background options and settings. Keeping all your contacts in order as well as giving you access to photo location audio picture gallery and video whatsApp Messenger is your all-in-one companion for staying in touch with the ones you want to stay in touch with the most. There’s no reason you should have to break the bank or pay outrageous charges and the only reason for this is because you wouldn’t happen to have the WhatsApp messenger installed on your device already. If this is the case then get out today and install the Whatsapp messenger and remember it’s WhatsApp, not whatup.



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