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Whatup is Staying in Touch With Friends and Family for Less Than $1 a Year

Whatup is what you say to your friends every time you see them. There’s a great app out there called WhatsApp that can help you by being able always to know when it comes to your friends family and loved ones whatup! WhatsApp Messenger app is very similar to the Skype messenger service only way better. WhatsApp Messenger is completely free for the first year and then $0.99 for each year afterward.


This is a very small price to pay to stay in touch with the ones you love the most as well as staying in touch with business contacts and far away friends. WhatsApp Messenger has over a billion downloads. Combine that with over 300 million positive reviews and it’s easy for anyone to see why the WhatsApp Messenger app is the necessity to have when you’re looking to save money and stay in touch. You work way too hard to spend your money on long distance services are extremely outrageous and outlandish phone bills on your cellular communication provider.


There’s no need to pay these bills any longer you can save that hard-earned money by utilizing the whatsapp messenger app. Imagine being able to stay in touch with business contacts no matter whether they were in the same state issue or they were in a different country and not have to pay long distance fees or have to pay roaming charges. This is made possible thanks to a Wi-Fi connection.


Instead of using your cellular data plan or long distance landline if you still use one of those whatsapp uses and active internet connection. This saves you tons of money. The more you talk, the more you save, and you can do more than talk. But the whatsapp messenger app you can install it on your computer and use your computer just like it’s a portable device. You can call, talk, send picture messages, text messages, group chat, and much more. There are some in-app purchases available that start from $0.71 and go up to $3.97 US dollars. This amazing app will always keep you in the loop, so you know, whatup.

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