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WhatsApp is What’s Up When You Want to Stay Connected

WhatsApp has what you need. You might ask, what can I get by using WhatsApp? Ask yourself this. Does your current cellular phone plan include unlimited talk text and data?   Do I really get unlimited or, is it more like unlimited until I reach my limit then I’m back to a pager? However, when you’re over your data limit, suddenly your phone doesn’t work or works extremely slow?  Would you like truly unlimited access to talk to your friends, family, and loved ones? You bet you would! There is a way to save hundreds even thousands of dollars a year off of your cellular phone bill, and it’s as easy as downloading an app from the Google Play Store.

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WhatsApp is a revolutionary new way for you to call and message family and friends without having to pay for each one of those calls and messages. That’s right utilizing your phone’s internet connection this amazing app allows you to receive and send voice messages, videos, and photos. WhatsApp also enables you to contact friends and family that live overseas for free.


WhatsApp is the app your phone company doesn’t want you to know about. By utilizing the internet connection on your phone, WhatsApp connects you with the ones you love most and the people that you need to talk to while not taking a chunk out of your monthly finances. Here’s some of the amazing features you will find in WhatsApp.

  • Always stay logged in with WhatsApp. By always being logged in you never will have to worry about missing an important call or message.
  • Connect quickly and efficiently with your contacts. WhatsApp utilizes your address book to connect you to those names and numbers you might not know by heart.
  • WhatsApp also offers offline messages. This means whether you have your phone turned off or you miss a notification, WhatsApp will save it until the next time you open the app.
  • Also, you have access to your email chat history, you can broadcast messages to everyone in your contact list at the same time, you have access to set custom wallpapers, exchange contacts, and share your location.


With almost a perfect 5-star rating from 33 million plus reviews, WhatsApp is definitely what’s up when it comes to messaging apps today. 1 billion people can’t be wrong, and everybody loves to save money especially when it comes to messaging and talking to the ones they love the most. The money you saved can be used to do things to bring you closer together.

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Dinners, family trips, or outings with that special someone is where you want your hard earned money to go not a bill to stay connected with the ones you talk to the most. You make the call when you save the cash. There’s no reason to give up all your money to your cellular phone bill each month when it doesn’t have to be charged extra for doing what you do with the cell phone. Get this great app today and start talking to the ones you want to speak to the most today. Now you know WhatsApp.

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