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Whatsapp for Desktop is WhatsApp

Whatsapp for Desktop turns your desktop computer into a virtual mobile device. That’s right you can do everything that you do on your mobile device utilizing WhatsApp for desktop. When you install the Whatsapp messenger app on your desktop, you can send messages, send text messages, send picture and video messages, as well as make phone calls. Very similar to Skype the only difference is in the price. WhatsApp Messenger is available free for the first year and then May nine cents each year after. Very small price to pay for such a great service.

Whatsapp for Desktop

The WhatsApp messenger service operates using your Wi-Fi connection rather than your mobile data device connection. This will save you tons of money not paying outrageous roaming charges stay in touch with friends, family, Loveland, or business partners that happened to live in other states or in other countries even. There’re no international fees charged for utilizing the services of WhatsApp Messenger.

Whatsapp for Desktop

There have been over 1 million downloads and more than 300 + million positive reviews in regards to how amazing and awesome the WhatsApp messenger app is. Now not only WhatsApp Messenger app available for your device the WhatsApp Messenger app is available for your desktop too. Install WhatsApp Messenger app on your desktop and you can get to talk to know where it’s at. Stay in touch with everyone you want to stay in touch with was saving money in the process.

Whatsapp for Desktop

The more you talk, the more you save. Whatsapp Messenger can allow you to save so much money you can even take a trip to see the ones that you talk to you so much. When you were to stay in touch with the world and the world around you, want to stay in touch with you the best way to do it in the cheapest way to do it and the only way to do it to save money at the same time is to use WhatsApp for desktop.

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