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Whatapp is Whassup in Telecom

Whatapp might be what you typed in, but that’s not what you meant. You meant WhatsApp Messenger, not Whatapp. If you were to scream that really long and loud, it would sound like the old Budweiser commercial. However, when you hear about how great Whatsapp actually is you might get the humor in this because it will allow you to say Whassup to everybody you know! WhatsApp offers something unbelievable that is sure to grab your attention and have you downloading this amazing, unbelievable, and incredible app the moment you’re done reading this article.


With more than a billion downloads in over 3 million plus positive reviews, WhatsApp Messenger has taken over the telecommunications world on the internet and needed theirs. Offering you the unlimited ability to talk, text, message, and group communicate with anybody in your network, WhatsApp Messenger utilizes your Wi-Fi connection and gives you this amazing ability for free. The WhatsApp Messenger is available on Android App markets as well as the Google Play Store.


Don’t pay outrageous long distance phone bills if you are still using a home phone. Don’t pay outrageous cellular phone communication bills to your phone carrier. There’s no reason to do this when you have WhatsApp Messenger on your device. WhatsApp Messenger not only works on your handheld Android device but also works on your laptop, PC or Mac. With all these options for WhatsApp Messenger, it would only seem odd if you are not already using it. This amazing application stands to save you hundreds of dollars a year. The more you talk, the more you save.


WhatsApp Messenger comes with multimedia, calling, group chat, web access, no international charges and no user names or pins to remember. You are always logged in; you can quickly connect with all your contacts, and even accept offline messages as well as much more. Quite simply put WhatsApp Messenger is the amazing app that puts you in touch with the people you need to be in touch with when you need to be in touch with them. If you’re not using WhatsApp Messenger, you’re throwing money away.


If you are tech savvy and like to save money, it is quite possible that you have tried similar applications in the past. I am sure if you are like me you have tried many of them and have found them to be rather glitchy, and unreliable. I also found many of them to have only a bare minimum set of features. This is far from the experience that I had with WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger offers ever feature that I needed and not once has it failed to function as I would expect it to.  You don’t have to believe me though you can simply read the many reviews out there and you’ll see for yourself that this is one incredible app. Nobody likes to throw money away so get out there today and download the WhatsApp Messenger so you can start saving too. Just remember don’t be fooled by imitators. You’re looking for WhatsApp, not Whatapp !

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