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We Have Long Term Agreements In Spanish

COs can have an IC day fee of up to 1,350 USD (over 1,350 USD, RR authorization is required with notification to the office manager). In keeping with multilingualism, an essential value of the United Nations, UNDP is a multicultural organization with three working languages: English, French and Spanish. Individual contractors and PP are expected to provide a) simultaneous translation and high-quality translation in accordance with UN terminology guidelines b) provide quality documents that guarantee language skills, accuracy, clarity and accuracy. identification of a competition process for individual contractors (CI). Contract management guidelines (including updates to contract changes and LTAs) have been added to the main page of the Contract Management Guidelines. They are linked to stage 1 of the contract management procedure table. Candidates are screened on the basis of the qualifications, experience and skills required mentioned above and on the basis of the technical assessment criteria listed below. Candidates are assessed on the basis of cumulative evaluation. When applying this weighted evaluation method, contracting is entrusted to each advisor whose offer has been evaluated and evaluated as follows: [News] Face Sheets and Terms of The Following For the Purchase of Goods and Services, new models of consolidated and simplified enterprise contracts have been provided for the purchase of goods and services for the following four categories: 1.

Contract Face Sheet (goods and/or services) for goods and services for the ETP; 2. contract sheet (goods and/or services) for goods/services provided to UN agencies (when UNDP procures services and signs the contract on behalf of another UN unit); 3) terms and conditions of sale (for goods and/or services); and four. Terms and conditions for de minimis contracts (services only). The new models have replaced the contract for professional services, institutional contracts and long-term contracts (LTA), but do not replace the individual contract, orders or work contracts. LTAs are now integrated into the Contract Face Sheet. The Work Directive and guide have been updated to reflect the fact that resident representatives have the right to approve project documents containing work up to the standard delegation of the purchasing authority. In addition, the proposal , request for authorisation or delegation for the project document containing construction work (POPP-11-3360) was linked to clause 23 of the directive. Operational units use this model to obtain the necessary approvals for construction projects. The unique collaborative benefits that need to be identified against a project-specific toR, all-inclusive day fees based on the home and offices are taken into account in the financial assessment and have the same influence on the outcome of the evaluation. The most competitive financial proposal for each category (origin and office) gets a total of 15 points. Under the authority of the head of the rule of law, security and human rights (ROLSHR) team, the individual advisor will be responsible for the simultaneous translation of Spanish into English during the various events that the unit will have during the year and as needed. As far as translation is concerned, the consultant is responsible for the translation/processing/revision/correction of documents for the desired language.

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