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Wayne Westland Schools Collective Bargaining Agreement

“It got to the point where other counties just said, “Oh, we need a math teacher. Let`s start calling coldly with the teachers of Westland,” said Kevin Marchi, a 30-year-old Spanish teacher in the district, a member of the negotiating team and president of MEA Region 2. When the negotiating team brought the new contract to membership last spring, they received standing ovations, Marchi said. “People couldn`t believe it – one of the questions was, “What should we give up?” The answer was nothing. People who were frozen on steps had already given up so much — we calculated that some lost $130,000 during that period. School workers are entitled to a lifetime pension when they retire and also expect life-long health care after retirement. Based on the public pension formula, the life pension of a Wayne Westland teacher with 30 years of experience and an average base salary of $US 79,688 (the last “step” in salary) would be $35,860. For most retirees, this amount increases by 3% each year. A worker can start collecting a pension if he or she is 55 or younger if he or she is employed in public schools for 30 years. We have listed the 19 schools and their contact information managed by WWCSD in the list below. For more information about each school, click on the name.

Approximately 75 per cent of Wayne-Westland Community School`s $111 million budget is spent on workers covered by the current collective agreement of teachers and certain other groups of workers. (The budget does not include debt service payment for past construction projects.) Wayne-Westland Community Schools employ about 13,100 students and employ about 830 teachers. Click on the name of the city to see the list of schools in that city. During the year educators found themselves stuck on low pay scales, poaching in nearby more affluent neighbourhoods became so serious that even teachers who had not applied for a position received calls to work elsewhere. District Credit Card Information 2017-2018 Administrative Out of State Travel 2018-2019 Administrative Out of State Travel 2019-2020 Administrative Out of State Travel . The following tables show the number of teachers, administrators and assistants employed by WWCSD. This information is obtained through a self-reported investigation of the NCES Universe survey. The following information should be published on our website: . Wayne Westland`s teachers receive automatic annual salary increases of 6 per cent as they move through the “steps” of the schedule.

All teachers, regardless of their step-by-step position, receive an annual salary increase of 1.5 per cent, as the overall salary plan increases around that amount. The vast majority of teachers in the district receive a base salary of between $52,540 and $79,688; the average amount was $62,582 in 2009. . The union contract also includes bonuses for additional levies. As one of 43 different department heads, it can be teachers anywhere between 1,421 and 3,909 dollars per year. Acting in 6th Class Liason pays an extra $3,198. Finally, teachers can earn extra money by participating in other extracurricular activities such as group, drama, yearbook, intramurals, student clubs and many other activities or other activities. In addition to coaching (which costs between $711 and $6,301), teachers have more than 80 different extracurricular positions that pay between $711 and $5,293 per year. Browse job opportunities in and around Wayne Westland Community Schools. In accordance with Section 22 (f) of the State School Aid Act, 2011 PA 62, the Mi School data portal shows the efforts of the Wayne Westland Community District to manage finances responsibly.

For the last 3 years of schooling for which data are available, the MI School School Data Portal contains the following: The estimated value of the services of administrators and teachers

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