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University Of Central Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement

As a result of cuts to federal, regional and local budgets, the UCF has cut more than $140 million from the administrative budget since 2008. [66] This included a reduction in the UCF budget of $53 million by the Florida legislature for the 2012/2013 fiscal year. [67] Until now, the UCF could withstand budget cuts by imposing a recruitment freeze, ending some faculty advantages, such as free seminars, cuts in executive compensation and smart fund management. [68] To counter budget cuts, the university received $18 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. [69] UCF`s operating budget for fiscal year 2014/2015 is $1.5 billion, an increase of 13.9% over the previous year. [5] The UCF`s financial endowment, managed by the University of the Central Florida Foundation, Inc., was valued at $155.5 million in 2015, an increase of 14.7% over 2014. [3] Over the past ten years, enrolment has increased by more than 40%[26], the acceptance rate of university students has increased from more than 60% to almost 40% in 2008 and the expected doubling of annual expenditure. [5] [26] Since 2000, the UCF has awarded more than 100,000 degrees. [5] [26] It is the largest university in the country, the largest university in Florida,[27] and, in 2003, the fastest growing university in the United States. [28] At the spring 2010 closing ceremonies, the UCF awarded its 200,000. [30] UCF participates in a program called DirectConnect in partnership with local colleges. [48] Through this program, all students and alumni of Eastern Florida State College, Lake-Sumter State College, Seminole State College of Florida, Daytona State College and Valencia College are admitted to the university. DirectConnect is considered the most productive community university partnership in the country.

[49] The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) is a member of the Florida Education Association (FEA). The organization is responsible for the pricing representation of all the faculties of the unit (and about 40 A-P agents) at the UCF. As a general rule, in-unit faculties and A-P staff do not have supervisory duties and make up the majority of our teaching unit.

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