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Top 10 iOS Apps

Top 10 iOS Apps of Early 2016

The new year is moving along quickly and our population is as busy as ever. Despite how busy we may be, we’re always looking for newer, better apps to accommodate our iOS products. It’s growing increasingly difficult to stay in-the-know about which of the top 10 iOS apps are worth really giving a chance as they release. Luckily for you, in this day and age, there are many of us constantly updating our information to keep you up-to-date with information as the top 10 iOS apps change over periods of time. Keeping “best of” lists short and sweet and updated in intervals guarantees to help you find top-notch apps throughout any point of the year and years to come. Check out what has recently released and is worth downloading below with our February top 10 iOS apps list!

1.     Auxy

top 10 ios apps auxy
Auxy is only $4.99 on the App Store. Whether you’re new to dropping beats on your iPhone or pretty well-acquainted with it, Auxy is clean and simple (yet powerful) to use. There also are more customizable options the more you dabble in its use, which is one of the best features.

2.     Loopimal

top 10 ios apps loopimal
Loopimal is $2.99 on the App Store. It is a music-making app geared more towards children, but can be enjoyed by adults as well (if not for the sheer fact you won’t have to hear your child banging pots around making “music”). It teaches how to sequence sounds in a cutesy way.

3.     Bkstg

top 10 ios apps bkstg
Bkstg is free and is one of my personal favorite up-and-coming apps. I love music and following my favorite musicians as many of us do. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of getting noticed by, or up close and personal with, your favorite artist or connecting with fellow fans then give this new app a chance. After time, I see this possibly becoming gigantic and greatly loved. All it requires is a download and interested users and artists!

4.     Soulver

top 10 ios apps soulver
Soulver is only $2.99 on the App Store. In my opinion, it’s an indispensable download. It’s useful for precise calculations or creating budgets/financial overviews if you’re not naturally already wonderful at such a task with pen and paper. Keeping up with numbers in your head is outdated, especially with an app like this available for use. You can also save your works to your iCloud, Dropbox, or within an HTML-formatted e-mail.

5.     Nanu

top 10 ios apps nanu
Nanu is completely free (as long as you are connected to the Internet while using it). It’s a wonderful app for anyone with friends or family they’d like to reach without the inconvenient costs of international fees. Have poor connection? It supports even 2G connections. Awesome.

6.     Uncluttered

top 10 ios apps uncluttered
Uncluttered is only $0.99 on the App Store. If you’ve been wishing for colorful wallpapers without the chaos of images or logos, give this a go. You may design your own scheme, choose from a gallery, or even upload/select a personal favorite from your own photos and use or alter the color scheme from it for your background. Pretty nifty for something so simple.

7.     Fragment

top 10 ios apps fragment
Fragment is $1.99 and well worth the price if you’re bored with standard photo-edits and fascinated with geometrical/prismatic patterns. Think the photo you took of your dog eating is boring? Fragment will blow your mind with how artful it can make any image. Smooth-running and fast, just like we iOS users love.

8.     Poncho: Wake Up Weather

top 10 ios apps poncho wake up weather
Poncho: Wake Up Weather is free! Not to mention adorable and entertaining. If you don’t enjoy keeping up with the weather but live in an area where you probably should, check this weather app out. You enter your ZIP-code for twice-a-day personal forecast reports. Concerned about how your sinuses or hair will act before you leave home? Poncho has you covered.

9.     Away ~ Meditation…

top 10 ios apps away meditation
Away is only $2.99 and perfect for those of us that find it hard to relax throughout the day or evening. Whether you’re interested in sleeping or meditating more peacefully, consider downloading this app and plugging in some headphones to drown out any noise around you. With the nature-themed sounds and sights and ability to choose the specifics of those, relaxation should come easily.

10.   Fantastical 2

top 10 ios apps fantastical 2
Fantastical 2 is $4.99 on the App Store. It is a perfect download for people with an agenda. It displays on your main notification screen as a calendar with reminders with tasks/to-dos for each date. Select a day and see everything you stored as a reminder for that date. You may either type or speak your reminders and watch it compile and file itself into the appropriate date(s) and time(s). Another great paperless organizational tool on the market today.

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