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top 10 android games 2016

Top 10 Android Games of 2016

Haven’t we all gotten bored of scrolling through mobile app stores for what seems like hours looking for the best Android games of the year? Since a great number of us enjoy mobile games but don’t necessarily agree with the statistically construed top 10 Android game lists we see, it only seems appropriate to have under-discussed new releases brought to our attention. This list is compiled of a variety of trending games so more genres other than our oh-so-beloved candy-related puzzle games get a bit of the spotlight.

Stating that these are the top 10 Android games to check out in 2016 does seem pretty bold, but if you’re as bored with bandwagon games as I am, these new additions should interest you.

  1. top 10 android games altos adventure
    Unlike on iOS, Alto’s Adventure is free for Android users and, after much anticipation, has finally released today for Android. This is a tuneful, artful snowboarding game definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already discovered it.
  2. top 10 android games downwell
    Downwell is only $3.00 on the market. You can kick butt… by falling down and protecting yourself with Gunboots?! This unique, yet slightly nostalgic, arcade-style game sounds easy enough, but the need for strategy makes it truly entertaining.
  3. top 10 android games rolling sky
    Rolling Sky is free. This one is one of my favorites due to the fact there are merely 5 worlds… but can you master them? Rolling and avoiding obstacles has never been so deceptively hard! Don’t look down!
  4. top 10 android games punch club
    Punch Club is $4.99. If you like to be label-confused, this is perfect. There’s a story, you maintain relationships, yourself, and tasks required to get to the top! Being the best boxer isn’t the only point, every decision and action to get there alters your game reality. Super cool! Also love the old-school feel.
  5. top_10_android_games_i_have_no_mouth
    I Have No Mouth costs $3.99. If you are familiar with the Ellison book, you’re sure to be intrigued by this post-apocalyptic game full of adventure. To spice things up a bit, you can play as each character. There aren’t any hidden costs, so enjoy this interactive story sometime this year!
  6. top 10 android games crashlands
    Crashlands is only $4.99 and awesome. This is for RPG-lovers that want several hours worth of aesthetically pleasing mobile gameplay.
  7. top 10 android games zombie catchers
    Zombie Catchers is another free gift placed upon the market! Ever had the urge to harpoon a zombie… and then make lemonade with them? Perhaps a slushie? You would only do so for your business’ sake and to save the world, of course! Oddly addicting.
  8. top 10 android games pocket mortys
    Pocket Mortys is free and great for interactive entertainment. If you love(d) capturing tiny monsters and roaming around challenging them, this is close, but twisted in comparison!
  9. top 10 android games ultimate briefcase
    Ultimate Briefcase is free, but does give you the ability to make one purchase to remove ads permanently. It has enjoyable, dodging gameplay with silly sounds and peculiar special moves!
  10. top 10 android games lost in harmony
    Lost in Harmony is fabulous and free! It’s a delightful way to enjoy a music-tapping game because of the scenes and storyline. Did I mention if you enter the Community there are infinite tracks to choose from?! You can also share your own gameplay with others.


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