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Titanium Backup APK

Titanium Backup is Insurance for Your Data

Titanium Backup is a must have application for your device. This not your average application though, it’s considered a tool to enhance your experience with your device, so head over to the app store today and download Titanium Backup. What is there to lose  with a program that is about saving your information, protecting your device and you as a user? This will add security and is like an insurance policy for data, no more losing all your information when your friend decides to shove you into the pool or you leave your phone on the top of your car and drive off.

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So how do you get started with the Titanium Backup App? Well, first you must have an Android supported device in order to use this one, sorry iOS users; you will have to sit this one out. To get the Titanium Backup, head on over to your Google play app and search for it. Just like any other app you download, click install and you will be on your way to setting up the application on your phone.

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Now Titanium Backup like all other apps has a free version and PRO version, which you can purchase for around six dollars. The nice part is that if you pay for the PRO version, it is only a one-time fee unlike most application, were it is a monthly fee.  PRO takes what you have access to on the free version of Titanium Backup and unlocks endless options for backing up, saving and restoring your data.

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The free version of Titanium Backup is actually quite impressive; it gives you more options than any other free backup has to offer. Some of the features it offers in the free version are:

  • The ability to sort your apps
  • You can move app data and application to or from your phone to your SD card
  • Backup and restore the basics app that came with your phone
  • Backup and restore your protected and downloaded applications
  • You can backup or restore any setting associated with the app or apps you are fixing
  • Schedule backups to occur weekly or biweekly
  • Independently backup data by selecting the app you want to save
  • Select what type of external stores your backup saves to
  • Backup will run in the background so that you can continue using your device


These are just a few of the features that come with the Titanium Backup application, and this is just the free one. Its user interface, simplified descriptions and options, make this application easy to use for even the novice user.  With the light weight application you do not have to worry about this application taking up to much room or slowing down your device. It is time to take control of your device and save your information. No more costly data retrievals or restorations simply open your external store and load it back onto your device. Don’t lose your data, backup it for free today with Titanium Backup.

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