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The Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement Was Implemented In The

On September 30, 2019, the names of 2,800 children who died in residential schools in Canada were released by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at a ceremony in Gatineau, Quebec (see Truth and Reconciliation Commission). The ceremony was the culmination of several years of archival research of government and religious books on Aboriginal children in 80 schools across the country, with records dating back to the 1890s. According to archivists, 1,600 children who died in residential schools remain unnamed and researchers continue to search records to find out their identities. The IRSSA said the 50 or so Catholic groups that ran “Catholic” schools had to pay $79 million for the mistreatment of survivors. There were three components: $29 million for the now-disbanded Aboriginal Healing Foundation, $25 million in kind and $25 million through fundraising. [40] In his July 16, 2015 judgment in the Queen of Saskatchewan Court of Justice in Regina, Saskatchewan, Justice Neil Gabrielson stated that the federal government had “liberated Catholic institutions from the three financial obligations under the comparison agreement, including the “best efforts” fundraiser in exchange for a $1.2 million refund in administrative costs.” [41] The federal government, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper, had given the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development a mandate to “negotiate a comparison with Catholic institutions”[42] with respect to their financial obligations under the IRSSA. [13] In a 2016 Globe and Mail article, Gloria Galloway stated that “in an attempt to get the Catholic Church to pay the full $29 million in cash, the government inadvertently released it from any obligation it should have pursued with a desolate fundraiser.” [41] In Regina, Saskatchewan, on December 15, 2006, Justice Dennis Ball approved the “regulation of class and individual residence rights” under the IRSSA. [17] The IRSSA transferred $960 million a year to the Independent Assessment Process (IAP), “a comparison fund for allegations of sexual abuse, serious physical abuse and other illegitimate acts” to the IRS, which “provides money to those who have suffered serious physical and/or sexual abuse in an Indian residential school… The maximum payment is $275,000, but for fees for loss of real income, an additional $250,000 can be awarded. [19] As of December 31, 2012, more than $1.7 billion had been spent through the PPI. About three times as many applications have been received than expected and the PPI negotiations are expected to continue until about 2017.

In 2011, there were already 29,000 applications, twice as many as initially estimated by the IRSSA, and this figure is expected to increase further.

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