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Telstra Mobile Device Assessment Agreement

ABN: 33 051 775 556 Address: 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Site: Contact Name: Sam Henderson Rolle: Senior AE – Victorian Government Phone: 03 8647 6023 Phone: 0412 666,000 Email: first, connect your old and new phones to your Home Wi-Fi network, then open the Telstra Care Care app on both devices. You can also transfer content to your new device via Wi-Fi, back up your data in the cloud, and perform your own status checks with the Telstra Device Care app. Before returning your device from programs such as Mobile Lease Plan or New Phone and Tablet Feeling, you need to secure your device, disable location and lock functions such as “Search my iPhone,” delete your SIM card, and reset the device to factory settings. Delivery is available the next business day, if the service request is made before 15:00, and the replacement device is in stock and ready for shipping. To replace your device, you must return it within 14 days of receiving a replacement device, or a non-return fee will be charged. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has found a solution with Telstra after Telstra complained about faulty mobile phones. Keep in mind that while defective products are processed on this page, consumer guarantees also apply to services. For more information, see the document entitled “Important Information on Guarantee” with our terms and conditions here – more information, including your rights regarding relevant service outages. You can return your device to the store, by phone or online. It`s a good idea to back up your data and remove all activation blocks.

Learn more about what you need to do before returning your device. Device or activation locks can prevent the device from being removed and reset to factory settings. Customers who return phones with an activation device or padlock may charge a fee. Make sure all follow-up has been disabled before returning it. Important: If you don`t return your old device, the fee will be charged for the device. See the terms and conditions of our terms and conditions and a summary of the critical information you received before you signed up for Upgrade -Protect.

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