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SuperSuperSuper That’s What SuperSU Is

SuperSu is actually called SuperSU. The SU, of course, stands for superuser. SuperSUis the management tool for the future. For you to utilize the SuperSU app, your device must be rooted. SuperSU is a program or app that allows advanced or specific management when it comes to super user access rights. SuperSU allows you to access all of the apps on your device with superuser permissions. This app has many features such as these,

  • super access prompt
  • super access notifications
  • superuser access login
  • temporary unroot
  • preapp notification configuration
  • deep process detection
  • always runs in ghost mode
  • Wake on prompt, convert to /system app
  • complete unroot
  • works and recovery
  • works when Android is it properly, booted
  • works with nonstandard show locations
  • for options to select for a theme
  • icon selectable from five options plus invisible
  • complete unroot

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Your device must be rooted and if you are not sure what that means then this app is not the app for you. If you are familiar with this but maybe aren’t sure as to what or how to do this process here is a great piece of advice. Be sure you have a USB cable that can connect your phone to your computer on hand. Look for a program called Vroot. Vroot will allow you to download a program into your laptop or computer. You then can connect your cell phone or tablet via the USB cable. By simply following a couple of simple prompts on the screen you can perform the root process yourself. Once the root process is done, you actually have superuser or SU permissions for all of the apps you have. The SuperSU app allows you a more advanced alternative and the option of managing your super user access rights and permissions.

SuperSU 2

Perhaps you are a super user already, and you are looking for super user capabilities so you can have more super user capability permissions with your superuser powers. If this is the case the pro version additionally offers other superuser features that other super users don’t have such as,

  • Pen protection
  • per app pin protection
  • pure app user override
  • pet app login configuration
  • full color-coded command content login
  • OTA survival moved

…this comes with no guarantees, however.

SuperSU 4

The superuser access system management is utilized through what is referred to as a so-called SU binary. Only one of these can be operational at a time. When you install SuperSU if you had a previous management solution you were utilizing, it will no longer be effective.  If you are looking for a great way to manage your superuser permissions, then try SuperSu.

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