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SuperSU Supersedes Expectations

SuperSU is the futuristic super user access tool that gives you complete management of your Android device. If you are tired of being limited by restrictions from your manufacturer, then you need SuperSU. If you are wondering do you need this app and would it work for me, then there is a great way to find out. The best advice is to try it and see for yourself. You are sure to be amazed at the capabilities of your device when they are not limited by other parameters set by your manufacturer or carrier.

SuperSU 4

When you get super user capabilities and access rights for your device, you will see what root control is all about. This app was designed from the ground floor to effectively execute a multitude of conditions that occur through other super user management access tools. With the versatility of tools and features for you to access the world will be at your fingertips thanks to your new super user capabilities. You will have features such as the ones listed below.

  • Temporary un-root
  • Notification configuration per app
  • Access logging and access prompts
  • Notifications via super user access
  • The process of deep detection
  • Ghost mode always runs
  • Complete un-root
  • Four separate options for themes to select from
  • You may also choose the feature to launch from your dialer and more

SuperSU 3

The pro version of SuperSU offers these additional features

  • Configuration for pure at logging
  • Logging for command content which is fully color coded
  • Pin protection and pin protection / app
  • Deny or grant and have the ability to root for a predetermined amount of time

SuperSU 2

Having super user access to your device is not something that many have but this can change thanks to applications such as SuperSU. Super user access opens up a wide variety of different things that you can do with your device that you have never been able to access before. You are the owner of your phone after all so don’t you think you should be able to fully utilize all of the power and functionality that it offers? SuperSU will allow you to do just that. Removing restrictions set by manufacturers has never been easier than with this great platform.

SuperSU 1

Should you Download this app and find it not to your liking, there’s a special procedure for uninstalling it. Do not just uninstall because you will almost definitely lose root. Super user access is granted via SU binary. This process can only be executed one at a time. To successfully switch back you must first find your application and open it. Then you will need to look for the option to update, install, and replace the SU binary. Once you have confirmed your apps that are rooted, you can then uninstall SuperSU. Make sure you follow this process so that you do not do any damage to your OS. However, once you have this amazing app in your phone, you will never want to uninstall SuperSU.



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