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Snapchat is a Must Have App if You Like Sharing Real Time Photos

Snapchat application is something you need if you like to share pictures. Snapchat is like a quick messaging version of Instagram in sorts. If you are not familiar with Snapchat you will be by the time you finish reading this article. Snapchat is a great application if you like to share pictures in real time with others. Snapchat allows you to take a picture through the application and snap it to one of your friends on Snapchat or you can add it to your story. When you snap it to a specific friend only, they can see your Snapchat. When you add it to your stories all your friends on Snapchat will be able to view it.


Snapchat does not allow you to take pictures and then upload them later to Snapchat. You must take the pictures and videos that you share in Snapchat directly through the Snapchat application at the time that you send it. Snapchat offers many different features that make it different from other messaging and picture sharing apps. On Snapchat you don’t set a profile picture and a status you set a profile picture and then you share moments of your life with others. There are many businesses that are utilizing Snapchat before sharing moments in their business that may be entertaining to their consumers. Many businesses are also finding it to be a great advertising platform. Snapchat offers features such as being able to add cartoon, emojis, and other effects to your pictures and videos. Snap chat also allows you to draw text or type it on to your pictures and videos as well.


Each Snapchat that you share can be set to be shown for either 3 to 10 seconds. Snapchat is an application that is utilized by hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world. Snapchat is available on all of the major operating systems including iOS devices, Android devices, BlackBerry devices window devices and more. You can even get Snapchat on your desktop for PC or Mac. If you like to share pictures, and you like social media, then you need to download the Snapchat application.

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