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Snapchat History and Snapchat Live

Snapchat history is a unique one all of its own. Beginning at Stanford University this amazing app that revolves around photo-sharing came to life. Its birth was v results of three ingenious minds coming together to create a unique and entertaining app that was also needed. The so-called million dollar idea ended up being worth more like 15 billion dollars. In 2011, Snapchat was created. Before it was Snapchat, however, it was called Pictaboo presumably meaning that once you sent your picture, it went poof like a ghost and disappeared.

Snapchat history

They Snapchat has over 5 million reviews with a 3.9-star rating. Snapchat is loved by millions. When you utilize all that Snapchat has to offer you open up the world to your fingertips. A world from the point of view of others you can set your videos or pictures to go for as little as three seconds all the way up to 10 seconds. You also have the ability to utilize Snapchat chat sessions where you can send video or chat back and forth life. There’s also stories that are put together in an essence handcrafted for you to enjoy on Snapchat.

Snapchat history

These stories showcase individuals all over the world by messages and videos. If that’s not enough, you can see live events such as the MTV Music Awards or the VMA Awards through Snapchat live. This is the ultimate point of view it’s like being at the event but not. You can utilize the Discover feature on Snapchat to discover stories about other individuals that may inspire you.

Snapchat history

The Snapchat application was founded by Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel who were all students at Stanford University. The mascot of Snapchat is based on Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan and is named Ghostface Chillah. In November of 2012 there were roughly 20 million photos being shared a day. By May of 2015 this number had increased significantly reaching over 2 billion videos and photos being shared daily.

Snapchat history

Regardless of how you choose to snap Snapchat is where it’s at and the history of Snapchat was a humble one that began from three great minds. Today it has evolved into an app that is used by practically everyone everywhere and that my friends is the Snapchat history.

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