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Snapchat Features are Awesome and Updated Often

Snapchat features seem to be added every couple of months and are getting better with time. Every couple of months it seems that you will have an update for snapchat and then upon accessing the app again will have access to new Snapchat features. For those who are not familiar with what snapchat is let me give you a brief description.

Snapchat PC

Snapchat is a mobile application that is compatible with all major operating systems including Android and iOS devices. This application is centered around allowing users to share pictures and videos with individuals that they have friended through the application as well as directly to what is known as their story.

Snapchat features

For those individuals who they have connected with they will be able to view the snap chatters story to catch up what’s been going on. On Snapchat, there are features that allow you to edit your pictures and photos with text, emojis, filters and more. They also added incredible photo enhancements that allow users to get creative in their expressions by adding things such as mustaches rainbow puke afros and more to the pictures that they are snapping to others. This application is primarily used by individuals between the ages of 13 and 34. There are hundreds of thousands of snaps including pictures and videos that are shared through this application everyday.

Snapchat features

Just last year Snapchat added new features that allow you to discover things going on around the world for major businesses and sources such as Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and more. Rumor has it based on recent new stories that Snapchat’s newest features this year could include an e-commerce feature that would allow for purchases through the application as well as video and voice chat. No one can be 100% sure at this time what the new Snapchat features will be but what we can guarantee is if you have this application on your device and it requires an update it’s probably because of new Snapchat features.

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