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Share It

Share It is the File Sharing App You Need

Share It is the amazing one of a kind file sharing app which works throughout a multitude of platforms. When you have files that you would like to share with a global community, and you are wanting a hundred percent virus free way to do this you may just want to try Share It. The Share It app is actually spelled SHAREit. This application is known for its amazing speeds and dubbed one of the world’s fastest when it comes to cross-platform transfers of files.

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The main features of this incredible app are no network restriction, it’s the fastest in the world, cross-platform transferring, transfer whatever you have, simple n Easy, connect to a PC, and clone it. This means whenever or wherever you want share files. Its up to 200 times quicker then Bluetooth. Speeds reach up to 20 m/s. When you share using cross platform of computers tablets and phones all applications and file transfers are smooth. No matter if its Windows Phone, iOS, Android, or Windows XP 7 or 8. Music, videos, and photos, as well as installed apps or any other kind of file, can be transferred. By entering the portal friends can transfer files to and from one another with ease.

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Transferring files between your PC and phone have never been easier. SMS messages MMS messages videos, music, apps and other forms of data can all be replicated using clone it. With more than 1 million downloads and 820000 five star reviews it’s easy to see why everybody is talking about the sheriff app file transfer service. This amazing app is compatible with just about everything and so versatile that it is a must have for anybody. If you transfer music or files between friends then this is definitely a tool you need in your arsenal. Enjoy and advanced way of life thanks to Share It.

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