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Section 11 Agreement Sara

116 (1) The minister responsible, any police officer and any department or authority of a Canadian government with which the responsible minister has reached an agreement pursuant to Section 10 may keep records and use information obtained under alternative measures to treat an individual. commits to the principles of intergovernmental agreements on respect for environmental protection, sections, sections 34 and 35, allow the Governor of the Council, also on the recommendation of Ministers, to adopt an ordinance imposing certain safeguards (such as prohibitions on killing, harming and harming stay) to endangered species in an area located in an area not subject to federal jurisdiction and species that are not birds migratory aquatics. [38] Such an order may be made if the Minister believes that provincial or territorial laws do not effectively protect the species or residences of their individuals. [39] 3. The delegation must be agreed between the delegate and the delegate, and the agreement must provide that the delegate establishes an annual report for the delegate on the activities carried out under the agreement. A copy of the agreement must be added to the public register within 45 days of registration and a copy of each annual report must be entered into the public register within forty-five days of receipt by the Minister Delegate. 1.1. Any person who commits an offence under subsection 1 is a state of liability report, that is, a report prepared in accordance with the requirements of Section 21, paragraph 2, and containing the best available information on the status of a wild species, including scientific knowledge, community knowledge and traditional Aboriginal knowledge. (status report) 118 The appropriate minister may enter into an agreement with a government department or agency in Canada with respect to the exchange of information for the management of alternative measures or the establishment of a report on compliance with an agreement on an individual`s alternative measures. (c) does not meet the deadline or condition of an authorization in paragraph 73, paragraph 1; or the Section 11 bilateral agreement between Canada and British Columbia establishes a framework for cooperation and sets out immediate and long-term measures to support the maintenance and restoration of the province`s southern caribou in each of the northern, central and southern groups of the species. These measures include commitments to habitat protection and restoration, herd planning, livestock management, primary prey management, hunting, science, Aboriginal knowledge, recreation management, maternal and captive breeding, and surveillance.

3. Subject to subsection (4), one of the following information, if it is to be part of the agreement or report, must be set out in a timetable of the agreement or report: 3. If a copy of a status assessment of a species of wild plants is received from LA COSEWIC in accordance with Subsection 1, the Minister must record a report on this subject in the public register within 90 days. how the Minister intends to respond to the assessment and, where possible, provide time frames for action. The conservation agreement allocates $3.255 million in federal funds to support the development and implementation of these supply plans over the next five years. In addition, GNWT has negotiated $1 million in funding to support related engagement and consultation activities to ensure that these plans reflect the values and interests of northern countries.

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