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Scotiabank Digital Access Agreement

You agree to keep your password secure and, if you are a business customer that gives you the ability to designate people authorized to access your accounts, you will ensure that all of these authorized users keep their passwords secure and that you and all authorized users do not share the same thing with anyone. You agree to notify us immediately if your ScotiaCard is lost or stolen, or if you suspect that your password or password of an authorized user has been compromised or that your account (e) has been accessed (or perhaps) by an unauthorized party, in case you confirm that you are obligated to contact customer service without delay ( 242) 356-1697 or , free 800-744-2672. When RBC introduced its new terms last May, it required customers to accept the agreement before they could continue to access their online bank. You will continue to be subject to fees for your iTRADE Scotia account or accounts, as defined in the Scotia iTRADET Tax Code, as it may be amended by Scotia iTRADE from time to time at its discretion and in accordance with applicable legislation. The pricing plan in effect at any given time can be found on The Scotia OnLine website by accessing products and services – > investment and wealth services – > Scotia iTRADE -> Competitive Pricing. You must respect the terms and conditions of sale, including the terms of your customer agreements and any other agreements you have with us that govern your business or any other financial service or product offered by us or through us. The performance of an obligation carried out by Scotia Capital Inc. is excused when accompanied by actions of God, a public enemy, fire or other victims, labour disputes, communication, software, software, hardware or equipment, action or omission of a market centre, supply company, communication service, common network operator, Internet service provider or backbone or information provider or other circumstances that are not subject to appropriate control. Scotia Capital Inc.

is prevented. provide or improve digital functionality and banking options, “they call them agreements,” Daimsis said. “I don`t know if I really agree if I don`t have a choice.” For example, the old contract stipulated that customers are responsible for losses as soon as they are “aware” that a bank card or device has been lost, stolen or abused. The new one says they are responsible as soon as they “suspect” it. Most of Canada`s five major banks – BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank and TD – have recently updated their electronic banking contracts, so Go Public has asked an expert to assess the extent to which they are rebalancing banks` liabilities in relation to customer protection. Inactive accounts. If you have deposit accounts that have not had transactions initiated by the customer for 24 consecutive months or more, you cannot make transactions on these accounts via digital services and you must visit a branch to reactivate access. However, you can continue to view electronic account statements for these accounts in the communication centre of the online bank or mobile bank if you have registered for this service.

“The Scotia deal is so bad, it`s shocking,” he said. 5. Your obligation to access the designated information system: you agree to access the designated information system at least monthly to verify electronic documents. All bids are considered correct and binding to you unless you provide proof to the contrary to Scotiabank within the time frame set out in your account agreement.

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