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Samsung Galaxy screenshot

Samsung Screenshot Help

Samsung screenshot is what you are typing into your browser if you are trying to figure out how you will take a screenshot on your new Samsung device. You have come to the right page as I am going to explain in this article how to take a Samsung screenshot. Most Samsung devices are the same when it comes to ones that have a digital display screen. Unless you’ve come across an old Samsung flip phone, this will apply to you. Take a screenshot utilizing your Samsung is easier than you think and there’s actually more than one way to do this.

samsung screenshot 1

I am going to give you an easy to follow step-by-step breakdown on both of the methods that can be utilized for taking screenshots with your Samsung device. First we are going to discuss how to take a screenshot using your Samsung device is referred to as a motion gesture technique. Your Samsung device will have to support palm swipe to capture screenshot. In order to turn on this feature, you will need to go into the settings on your device. Once you’ve allocated settings look for controls.

samsung screenshot 3

Under controls, you will find emotions. Beside Palm oceans, you will see a slider bar with the words on and off. Be sure to turn the slider bar to the on position and it will turn on palm motion. Make sure to mark your check box next to the capture screen beside palm swipe to turn it on. You are now ready to take screenshots using the palm of your hand. All you must do is wave your hand from right to left or left to right, and a screenshot will be taken automatically.


The second way that we are going to talk about is using the keys on your Samsung device to take a screenshot. This is the preferred method for many as the hand swipe can sometimes start taking random pictures. To utilize the keys on your Samsung device, you will need to familiarize yourself with the home button or home key which is located typically in the middle of the bottom of the device on smartphones. You also need to know where your power button or lock button is located. Simultaneously push the home button and the power lock button at the same time, and you will instantly have taken a screenshot. The first couple times this may be a little difficult to get the hang of but once you have it figured out by far is easier. With the ease of this method and it not taking pictures of everything all the time, this is why many people prefer using the key method over the palm swipe method when it comes to a Samsung screenshot.


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