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Samsung Galaxy screen shot

Samsung Galaxy Screenshot – 2 Methods

Samsung Galaxy screenshot is easier to take than one might think. It is not a very complicated process in order to take a Samsung Galaxy screenshot. There’s more than one way in which you can do this and in this article, we will discuss both ways. Knowing that you have the ability to comfortably take a screenshot will help you in case, the situation occurs when a screenshot is necessary. I personally like to take screenshots of all my financial transactions and save them inside of my email until the time in which the financial transaction has been completed, and all obligations have been met.

Samsung Galaxy screenshot

This way if there is any kind of an issue later on down the line or before the product is exchanged or delivered you always have a reference to go back to. Take a screenshot on your Samsung phone is extremely easy. A galaxy s4 or better will give you access to taking what is known as a slide shot; this is when you slide your hand from left to right or right to left. By doing this, you will take a screenshot each time. This is a setting that you must go to under the Application section of the phone.


Taking a few screenshots utilizing the properties on your Samsung Galaxy phone is easy to do. It just takes a little practice and before you know it you’ll be a professional screenshot taker. If you want to take pictures of a Snapchat screenshot, this is the way to go. If you want to take pictures of text messages, a screenshot is the way to go. If you want to take pictures of your social media achievement, screenshots are the way to go. Learning to take the screenshots is easier than you think and can be done with a little effort.


The best way and most convenient way for many is to hold down the home button while pressing the power button at the same time. It may take a few tries to get used to this method but it is ultimately easier than having your phone take a bunch of random pictures each time your hand passes in front of it. This is the easiest way that I know of and with a little practice, it can be done by anyone with confidence. Now you know what the best way is to take screen shots and how to do it and what exactly is involved in a Samsung Galaxy screenshot.

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