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Salivatic Agreement

Tol had other pretensions. Big Man Drilton has slowed. Kyah does not have eme. That`s not true? Based on the video, Malaca-ang has no setting that contains oral chord. So why did Tol defend a deal he didn`t know about? He defended the verbal agreement between Duterte and Xi Jinping. Watch this video: he said he had no idea of the saliveric agreement between Duterte and Xi Jin Ping. He seemed to be defending an empty sheet of paper. Doesn`t it look like a bed? Garridi`s comment came after the senator`s keynote address, in which he defended the “salivary” agreement between Duterte and China. Counsel noted that neophyte senators like him should use plain language. Something funny happened yesterday in the Senate chamber.

Because Tol was, he was frustrated. Of course, his guilt began. Lawyer Wilfredo Garrido is not impressed by Senator Francis Tolentino`s attempts to make him smarter than he really is. The lawyer was not educated that there is no need to use a future in the legislative branch. Could other judges send his five hair plans? Where did the danger go before the Supreme Court? Let`s ask five of us. The Attorney General said that these kinds of claims would only fly over the heads of veterans as Senator Franklin Drilon and Senator Ping Lacson. He also noted that Tolentino still had a long way to go before joining the ranks of Blas Ople and Miriam Defensor James. Let`s show the five hairs we see! I was sorry. Shrink. It`s angry! Don`t try to inhibit! The target was only the beginning of five. I`m sure I`m not fair. Bengal was even a day of jealousy.

The lack of respect for the dignity of the Court has diminished!.

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