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Rental Agreement Subsidy

In this case, they cannot apply for this grant. However, the tenant has the right to pay the landlord the full rent arrears for the corresponding period, in monthly increments, which cannot be spread over more than 48 months. The first tranche is due in the month immediately following the end of the state of emergency declared due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. If the tenant has already paid the rent for the duration of the affected use of the rental space (or for part of that period), the tenant and lessor may apply for a rent subsidy for the same period in the future after agreeing on a rent discount. This will compensate in the future for what the tenant would have been entitled to if he had not paid the rent for the duration of the use of a disability. The subsidy scheme is for companies (corporations and owners) that sell goods or provide services to end-users and who, due to epidemiological measures related to the COVID 19 pandemic, would not have been able to use their leased premises for the agreed use or were significantly limited in this use. Subsidies can then be granted to tenants whose stores have either been completely closed or significantly restricted for operation, due to the general ban on entry into these premises. At the same time, the tenant must have used the rented premises by February 1, 2020 as part of a rental agreement. All other circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis, as the measures taken gradually involved a large number of companies. Outpatient health care providers compensated for health care are not entitled to such a subsidy. Yes, yes. Companies that use their premises as part of a sublease agreement can also apply for this subsidy under the terms described above. Note to owners: The text of the discount offer should not be conditioned! If the lessor thus limits the tenant`s right to the distribution of payments to 48 months, the procedure may constitute a case of circumvention of the law.

However, if, after receiving the subsidy, the lessor agrees with the tenant that the tenant should pay the balance of the rent earlier than within 48 months, this transaction is in accordance with the law, provided that the prepayment condition is not a condition for the granting of the rebate. The maximum amount of the subsidy granted to the applicant (tenant) by the sectors concerned is shown in the following table: No. This subsidy applies exclusively to the payment of leases and does not apply to other tenant obligations that are usually related to the lease (for example. B payments for utilities, use of common areas, etc.).

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