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Power Of Attorney Or Representation Agreement

A power of attorney is a document that instructs another person, the “lawyer,” to make financial and legal decisions for you and to make decisions about your property. A power of attorney automatically stops if you die or go bankrupt. This also stops if you become mentally incompetent, unless you explicitly state on the power of attorney document that power is maintained in case of mental infirmity. This is called a permanent power of attorney. A representation agreement allows you to appoint someone other than your legal representative to handle your financial, legal and personal decisions if you cannot make those decisions yourself. It must be an unpaid appointment, so you cannot appoint someone to employ you to care for you in person or in good health, or who is employed through a facility that provides you with personal or medical care. The only exception is if that person is your child, parent or spouse. The person you appoint is appointed by lawyer. You should name someone you trust because you give them a lot of power.

Many people choose their spouse, family member or friend. You can also ask a professional like your lawyer or accountant or a trust company. You cannot appoint anyone who is paid to provide you with personal or health services, or who works in a facility where you receive personal or health services, unless that person is your child, parent or spouse….

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