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Popcorn Time free movies

Popcorn Time App is For Movies on the Go

Popcorn Time App promises you hours of entertain when on the go. This application allows you access to the latest TV shows and movies right from your phone, plus it is free, so check out the Popcorn Time App. This application reassembles Netflix in the sense that it is another online streaming service that users only have to have the application to gain access to the content each provide.  If you have ever streamed movies on your computer, the concept is very similar for the largely growing Popcorn Time App. What sets Popcorn Time App apart from Netflix, its current competitor? For starters, its free, there is no cost for a membership or viewing fee. If you have WiFi available that is the only recommendation to have for your device so that you can use Popcorn Time App.  Users may also want to download so sort of anti-virus to their mobile device as a security measure when streaming content.

Popcorn Time App

Another way that Popcorn Time App sets oneself away from its competition is how the content you stream is brought to you. This application acts as a tool to deliver your content right to your device without having to download the movie or TV show that you viewing. By using a .torrent file, it does not download the content from the web to device; it instead allows you to stream it for viewing. Sometimes a viewing file can get stored to the temporary folder so it is recommended that you delete this once in a while to free up space.

Popcorn Time App

With Popcorn Times App advantage of the latest movies and TV shows free, has allowed coders to make it available via Windows, android or iOS operating system and devices. The one down fall that this application presents is that it has questionable ‘legal’ aspect to it, this being that some of the content that you can stream is not supposed to be available but thanks to piracy it has been setup so that you can stream it. In 2014, when Popcorn Time App first was introduced, its domain was shut down for legal issues but thanks to several anonymous coders the app was quickly relaunched.

Popcorn Time App

After Popcorn Times App relaunch, there were reports of over 4 million users that actively used the application, this number included all users for all platforms. They predict that this is just the beginning of their user base says author of the application Time4Popcorn who hopes to stray away from centralized servers and domains. They plan to do this by using p2p, which translate to solely depending on their user base to deliver the data.

Popcorn Time App

Popcorn Time App has opened a whole new door to offering movies and TV to general public. Although it walks a fine line with Hollywood’s legal policy, this application will be around for years to come if they can move to p2p. With an available WiFi connection and device that will host the Popcorn Time App, this software is worth the try. It allows you to watch anything you desire on the go as long as you can find it in the .torrent format. Who likes paying the top dollar box office price just to be disappointed, now you can check the shows out first then decide if you want to purchase.

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