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Nercc Collective Bargaining Agreement

Woburn, MA (February 19, 2015) – Tocci Building Companies (Tocci), Boston`s director of work and a recognized leader in virtual design and design solutions, has entered into a collective agreement with the New England Carpenters Regional Council (NERCC). The new agreement provides a mutual understanding of the demand for improved technology in the developing construction, design and construction sectors, as well as a higher level of safety training and practices. Members of Carpenters Local 94 in Rhode Island unanimously ratified a new two-year collective agreement at a meeting on Saturday. The contract was negotiated with the Associated General Contractors of Rhode Island and includes increases of 1.50 $US per year. 75 cents will be added to salaries this month. The remaining 75 cents for the first year will be added to contributions in January. The allocation of these increases will be set in December by decision of the members. The second year of the agreement is also expected, with a 75-cent salary increase in June and a 75-cent increase in contributions in January 2013. Language changes to the agreement mainly included budgetary issues such as changes to electronic receipt benefits for employer contributions to pension funds.

The collective agreement with Construction Industries of Rhode Island contained only one way to open up wages. Changes in salaries and benefits negotiated under the AGC agreement apply to the CCRI contract, but not language changes. The AGC and CCRI agreements expire on June 2, 2013. Members of Parliament from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine voted last night to ratify a new collective agreement negotiated with contractors working in the three northern New England countries. More than 88% of voting members voted in favour of the adoption of the three-year contract, which provides for an increase of $3.90 in total salary and benefits. The financial increase is proportional to that negotiated this year across the New England Carpenters Regional Council in other new agreements. They will cover the expected increases in the cost of benefits over the next three years. Each year, $1.30 is added to the package as a whole, with increases in October and April. An immediate increase of $0.65 is added to hourly pension contributions and $0.02 to salaries. The remaining $0.63 from the first and year will be added to hourly health contributions on April 1, 2010. Increases of $1.30 for the second and third years will be distributed and allocated later by members. The agreement also includes the language for tidal and offshore work, which clearly defines jobs, wage requirements and overtime and working conditions for these areas of work.

On Saturday, members of the Rhode Island Carpenters Local Union 94 unanimously approved a new agreement with Construction Industries of Rhode Island for heavy and highway work. The four-year contract provides for hourly increases in wages and total benefits of $1.50 in the first year and $1.75 in the second year. The overall increases for the third and fourth years of the agreement will be the same as those negotiated for the construction agreement. A two-year contract for work was signed last week…. More Negotiations This year is a busy year for the New England Regional Council on collective bargaining. In addition to contracts in western Massachusetts and Rhode Island, three other contracts for four New England countries are expiring and expire at the end of 2009.

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