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Mr Number is the App You Need to Keep Spam Calls Away

Mr Number is the app you want to have on your phone to help block calls and spam. More than 10 million people have downloaded Mr Number and it has a 4.2-star rating with more than 150,000 reviews. You can block unwanted calls as well as block unwanted SMS texts with Mr Number. You can also identify spammers and stop spammers numbers from getting through to you.

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Nobody has time to waste on the phone when you are busy. These unwanted calls and spam numbers are a nuisance and irritating. Many people are familiar with hello message that states how your business can now score on the front page of Google only to be greeted by somebody who is not even affiliated with Google. When you ask them a question, they hang up on you. If this kind of behavior irritates you and you would like to prevent this from ruining or irritating your day, any further Mr Number is the way to go. With Mr Number, you get these great features.

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  • Block SMS texts and calls from one individual, or a specific area code, or if desired the entire world.
  • Debt collectors and telemarketers have met their match when you have missed your number. Stop them before they get to you.
  • Mr Number intercepts unknown or private calls and either send them to voicemail or hang up per your request.
  • Spam callers can be reported as well as SMS text that will help to warn others.

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Mr Number was rated in the top 100 best Android Apps by PC Magazine and considered one of the most popular by the New York Times. Appy award said that Mr Number is one of the best communications apps. This app is one of the strongest call blockers available to you today. When you want to block SMS text and block mischievous calls coming from hidden numbers, people, or businesses, Mr number is the way to go.

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This app will also  save the contents of these blocked numbers allowing you to report them or simply throw them away. If you have a number calling with you and you, suspect them to be spammers you can add them to a suspected spam list, and they will be automatically blocked. Mr Number has more than 10 million total downloads since it’s beginning and is offered by White Pages. They are located at 1301 5th Avenue Seattle Washington 98126.

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