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Mr. Number App Can Help Stop Your Unwanted Calls

Mr. Number app is the app you need when you want to block spam, and you want to block calls. Not every time the phone rings do you want to speak to the person on the other end sometimes these people are annoying and sometimes you just don’t want to talk to them, and that’s where you need the Mr Number app. Mr Number takes a complicated process and makes it simple by blocking those unwanted nasty calls. It doesn’t stop there this app will also stop spam by identifying it and helping prevent damage and fraud.

mr number app 2

There are many features available with the Mr. Number app. You can prevent debt collectors and telemarketers from consuming your valuable time. Private and unknown numbers are intercepted and hung up on which is almost fun. You can report SMS text and spam calls to help make other users aware. Also, there is an automatic lookup for callers; that knows every number that is located in the history of your phone. This way there’s no doubts on who to block. Mr. Number made PC Magazines list of the 100 best Android apps.

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The New York Times raved about the Mr. Number app saying it is one of the most popular apps. Happy award said that Mr. number was the best communications app. To make it more amazing, you can get the Mr number app for your phone or tablet for free. Just be sure to check the compatibility. An app like this can come in very handy. How many times have you been busy or on your day off relaxing to get that telemarketer on the other end of the line. You’re in the kitchen making something to eat; you rush to get to the phone only to have it be an annoying automated voice telling you to hold while you are connected to someplace number app 1

If this annoys you as much as it does me, then wait till the next time this happens. Instead of hanging up and getting all mad I let the call go through. When the call goes through and just, accuse the person on the other end of the line of sleeping with your husband or wife. This is fun to do whether you’re married or not. It typically results in them hanging up and not calling back, but if they do stay on the line, you should hear the things they say on the other end. Eventually, they will stop calling. But now there’s an easier way to do that, and that way is with the Mr. Number app.

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