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Movietube or YouTube Movie Trailer Player?


Movietube, have you heard of it? It was new to me until just this past weekend. While I was sitting around watching reruns on other sites, a friend hit me up online and told me about Movietube and said that I had to have it. Knowing my friend, I was a little bit skeptical and had to research this app a little bit further myself. This is what I found out. Movietube has movies, trailers, upcoming movies, lists of movie cast, and more. It was a free app to download. I must admit the skepticism was definitely there. When first finding the app in the Google Play Store you’ll notice it has about a 50/50 review with half of the people loving it and the other half of the people hating it. The fact that it had over 500 positive reviews made me curious, and I had to find out more about Movietube.


Movietube offers ratings from IMDB, Popcorn, and others as well as a listing of the cast by picture. Movietube also provides the ability to watch episodes and download movies and shows. On a positive note when starting the download, it will only ask for permission to access your Wi-Fi connection for streaming. A lot of apps now days are very intrusive and request complete access to your phone. This was a pleasant change. The Movietube app offers you information on your favorite films such as release date, the production company, and the status of whether the movie is released, in theaters, or scheduled to come out in the future. You can go online to check the compatibility of this app with your devices. Be sure that your device is compatible with this app before installing it or you will not get to enjoy the full benefits and features offered by Movietube.


 Once you have Movietube installed, it would appear that it’s time for a bucket of popcorn and to reminiscence down movie lane seeing how it appears that you have access to movies from current all the way to four decades into the past. With the number of movies listed, you would think that you would be sure to find something to enjoy every time. You can read the reviews, watch the trailers, and learn more about the cast of your favorite shows all from the app on your device. However, if you’re looking to watch movies on Movietube, you might be a little disappointed. All of the selections that I selected wanted me to download other things to view these movies. This was not very helpful and pretty much what I was expecting after reading the initial reviews.


This could be useful if you want to have access to information about movies easily accessible but then again this is pretty much common knowledge that anybody with a few Internet capabilities can research on their own. Movietube currently works with Android operating systems 4.1 and up. Movietube was released and is offered to you by Hellenic Technologies. All in all, I was not super impressed though I was not expecting much to begin with. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give a Movietube a 2.5. I would, however, recommend trying it out as some people may find it very helpful. If you are looking to watch movies directly on your device, though, you’ll probably be better with YouTube rather than Movietube.


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