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Mod Framework Agreement For Technical Support

Section III: Legal, Economic, Financial and Technical Information The Technical Assistance Framework Agreement (FATS/5) was drawn up by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and provides central authorities with a means to reach the technical assistance market. We think our customers appreciate this framework because it: FATS 5 Technical Filter Overview; FATS 5 filters are a mix of wide filters and specific domains. Domain definitions. Air. tasks related to all air platforms, including fast jets, support aircraft, training aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aircraft (UAVs) and simulators. All support airfield equipment, land and land infrastructure necessary to operate, maintain and maintain associated capabilities and the context or environment in which air capacity is operated, such as. B airspace, airfields. Earth. All ground-based equipment of military systems, including clothing and armour, to all categories of ground vehicles and support infrastructure, as well as the context/environment/terrain in which ground capabilities operate. Maritim.

All associated ships, submarines, small vehicles, auxiliary vehicles, boats and combat systems support the infrastructure and the environment/environment in which they operate. Nuclear. All technical issues related to uk Nuclear capabilities. WOME (weapons, ordons, ammunition and explosives). All ammunition in the world of air, land and sea, including complex weapons and support infrastructure. C4ISTAR (command, control, communication, computer, information, surveillance, target detection and reconnaissance). All equipment and infrastructure related to the UK`s C4ISTAR functions and the elements that connect them. filters; 1. Air technology; 2. Agricultural technology; 3. Marine Engineering; 4) Nuclear technology; 5. WOME Engineering; 6.

C4ISTAR Engineering; 7. security in air traffic control; 8) the security of land acquisition; 9. Security in maritime supply; 10. security when acquiring nuclear facilities; 11. WOME Acquisition Safety; 12. market safety C4ISTAR; 13. Air Science and Medicine; 14. Agricultural Sciences and Medicine; 15.

Maritime Science and Medicine; 16. Nuclear science and medicine; 17. WOME Science and Medicine; 18. C4ISTAR Science and Medicine; 19. the acquisition of environmental support; 20. Occupational health and safety; 21. Supporting the work environment; 22. quality and configuration management; 23.

Integrated Logistics Assistance (ILS); 24. Mathematical and statistical analysis; 25. Operational analysis; 26. software acquisition and support; 27. Technical assistance before the concept; 28. integration of human and human factors; 29. Cost Analysis and Security Services (CAAS). Estimated value excluding VAT: sector: between 400,000,000 and 800,000 GBP 71356300 Technical assistance, 71356000 Technical Services In case of difficulties, please contact online questions (frequently asked questions) or user manuals or contact the DCO Helpdesk mod by email at or phone 0800 282 324.

Potential suppliers should keep in mind that the answers to all questions from Parts 1 and 2 of the prequalification questionnaire are reported on the basis of PASS/FAIL. Economic operators who are declared to have failed are automatically excluded from the procedure and are not invited to be tendered. In addition, operators considered to have passed the first part are not invited to tender for technical filters deemed disadvantaged in the second part of the PQQ. Potential suppliers should be aware that if they pass the QQD and ITT levels, acceptance of the framework does not guarantee work.

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