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Mobogenie is Better Than Three Wishes and a Lamp

Mobogenie sounded like a strange mobile version of Aladdin to me at first. However, it was time for me to learn just why when it came to my phone there is one thing I needed on my Android, and that was Mobogenie. You might be scratching your head by now wondering just what Mobogenie is, so without further ado allow me to give you the breakdown on the Mobogenie app and what it is. If you have an Android phone then you will most likely love what I have to say.

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Mobogenie is the amazing Android Market that enhances your smartphone in a playful way. This app offers amazing Android resources along with the best mobile applications, videos, music, wallpapers, themes, games, and other types of resources for your Android device. You can consider Mobogenie to be a mobile Android genie. Touch your Android and suddenly all your wishes on apps come true. By putting the world of safe Android apps, games and much more at your fingertips Mobogenie is providing a service that is versatile as well as efficient for Android users.

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Mobogenie works with 99% of all major types of Android devices. It has been tested very extensively and found to be extremely compatible with the devices you love the most. Galaxy Note series, HTC, LG, Samsung Galaxy series, and the Google Nexus series are just a few of the great Android platforms that are compatible with this app. With the tech team  always developing new features, things like 3d themes and live wallpapers are just around the bend.

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Mobogenie has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.1-star rating. With 87000 + positive reviews this app is making a name for itself while solidifying its effectiveness and efficiency. This amazing app is offered by MNZ Tech and is rated E for Everyone. The fact that this app requires access to your ID and call information, photos, videos, and files, as well as the device history plus your Wi-Fi information seems like a bit much to me. This however, may very well be the only downside to this app that I see. However, for the app to be utilized properly and in order for it to bring the life of all aspects of your phone or tablet, it will need access to these parts of your device.

Mobogenie is packed these amazingly awesome features.

  • A huge selection of HD wallpapers all complemented with extremely well put together icons.
  • You can customize your phone with your very own photo utilizing the DIY theme.
  • An Android library filled with a multitude of amazing Android
  • An app drawer interface and folder that are transparent.

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Mobogenie is the theme that can bring your phone to life. This is the app for your  if you’re one of those individuals who want a little more spunk on your screen. Being that Mobogenie has 23 different languages that it promotes, it is a multicultural tool utilized worldwide amongst many different platforms and a diversity of cultures. With over a million downloads and a 4.1 rating overall Mobogenie is one of the apps that may be just the thing if you are one of the tech savvy millions who like their phone or tablet to have a little more life and spice. When you’re looking to bring your phone or tablet to life, the answer can be found with  Mobogenie.

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