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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Sa Benefits

Discover the value of Software Assurance to your business. The Insurance Performance Chart (PDF, 768 KB) interactive software provides an overview of the benefits of software insurance and basic rights information. The number of assistance incidents varies by customer and depends on the type of volume licensing agreement and qualifying products. Read Microsoft product terms, check your benefits, or contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Microsoft partner for more information. Depending on your organization`s agreement, use one of two tools to manage your available software insurance benefits. DYDPS provides in-depth evaluation and planning to help you update your CRM or ERP solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or evaluate the upgrade path to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Commitments can help you check your business processes and understand what it takes to implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution that matches your specific considerations. During the engagement, Microsoft or Microsoft Consulting Services partners can help identify the most appropriate upgrade path, create a customized plan, and provide a concept project (based on commitment) to help you assess the benefits of the solution. Work with experts to get more benefits from your IT investment and optimize your implementations. If you bought on (now retired) and can no longer access this site, please read the FAQs on to find a link to request your order history.

Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing helps increase productivity across your business because you can get the most out of your Microsoft software. Exploiting these benefits can help your business increase productivity and effectively provide and manage information TECHNOLOGIES. Software Assurance is available for organizations that support only five devices. Software Assurance is only available through The Volume License and is acquired if you purchase or renew a volume license agreement. It is included in some agreements and is an optional purchase with others.

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