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Ip Core License Agreement

DirectCores is available in the LIBERO IP catalogue and access to the cores is controlled by the granting of Libero licenses or by the purchase of a custom license. You can view a list of IP DirectCores that are included in Libero as licenses or purchases. For more information about the IP DirectCore order, please contact your microsemi sales office on site. If you use either a DirectCore or a CompanionCore in your design, be sure to register your design to keep you up to date on improvements, changes or new media in your core by visiting the registration page. (Note: The Registration Page link is also accessible via IP search results). Still can`t find what you`re looking for? Please submit a request to CompanionCore IP Products can be purchased directly from third-party Microsemis IP partners. There are a number of licensing models, often evaluation licenses. Contact partners directly for information on prices, licensing conditions and technical support. For more information, please contact your local microsemi sales office or our IP partners directly. “Authorization Code” refers to all FLEXlm license keys, license files, license manager, dongle or other key, code or information issued by (or on behalf of Xilinx) and required for the use of the materials granted. 4.7 The licensee cannot place, rent, rent, lend, lend, operate, sub-concede or transfer the materials granted in one way or another.

8. Restricted warranty. Xilinx guarantees that if the licensee declares an error in writing to Xilinx within one (1) year from the effective date (the “guarantee period”), Xilinx is required to correct the error or provide circumvention or replace the materials granted with essentially similar materials without defect, or if, according to Xilinx, both are commercially feasible, Xilinx can terminate the licensee granted to the licensee for such licensed materials and refund the licensed levy collected by Xilinx for those materials granted. The vanguard describes Xilinx`s exclusive liability and the licensee`s exclusive remedy with respect to any violation of the aforementioned limited warranty. 5.1 Payment. For purchases made through Xilinx`s authorized distributor, this section is 5 (payment; Taxes) do not apply. Xilinx invoices the licensee for the licensee determined by Xilinx under this contract and all amounts set in a support renewal order issued by the licensee. The licensee must pay these invoices in full thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice, without deduction, counter-debt or compensation. Outstanding amounts are increased by one and a half (1.5%) or at the highest statutory interest rate, if less. Regardless of the above, Xilinx may require prepayment or other guarantees, subject to a credit check of Xilinx`s payment history or a change in the financial situation. If the licensee`s procedures require that an invoice be filed against an order before payment can be made, the licensee is responsible for issuing that order thirty (30) days before the payment`s due date.

In cases where licence fees have been paid in advance and remain valid under a Xilinx Productivity Advantage (XPA) licensing protocol (XPA) or similar agreement, the remaining budget available to the licensee will be reduced by the amount of the licence fee and all amounts set in a support renewal order issued by the licensee. ESA/ESTEC manages and licenses ESA a small catalogue of IP cores containing typical digital functions used in space applications (TMTC, EDAC, SpaceWire, CAN, LEON2-FT, OBDH, etc.). ESA/ESTEC offers this “IP Cores” service as a trial: one year after the order is awarded, Xilinx provides free access to Xilinx`s technical support site for the license materials listed above, on which licensed engineers can access (1) error corrections and other updates, a core that Xilinx offers to all licensees in this core currently in care.

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