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How to Snapchat – The Basics

How to Snapchat is a common question that many people will have today. If you are not in the loop and up to date on all the latest and greatest trends in social media, then perhaps you might not know how to Snapchat. The process of Snapchat can be intimidating to someone who doesn’t know how to use it properly or what it is. Don’t let this discourage you however because there is an entirely new world waiting for you once you learn what snapping is and how to do it. Snapchat is basically a way to send little clips of your life back and forth with friends, family, and loved ones.

how to Snapchat

Businesses have even started utilizing Snapchat as a unique tool for marketing to connect them with an unlimited potential of resources specific to their niche. When you snap you give people a unique insight via picture or live video. You can snap which is what is referred to as putting picture or video up when using Snapchat, and post what you are broadcasting in your daily profile known as your story so that everyone may see it or you can choose to snap to an individual personally. When you send a picture or video clip to someone, you have the choice on how long you want this clip to play. You can choose between 3 to 10 seconds.

how to Snapchat

After the video is viewed it will automatically be gone. There is an option to review the snap for a price as well as there are different ways they can be saved. So when you send that Snapchat to someone be sure it’s a picture that you are comfortable with because there are chances of it showing up again in the future. Some people like to utilize Snapchat in order to send nude pictures to people. They feel safe about doing this because the picture goes away and cannot be used to incriminate them later. This is not always the case, though. Snapchat is more used for just showing people how much fun you’re having in your day or what you’re doing.

how to Snapchat

The best advice when it comes to how to Snapchat is to just have fun with it. You should only ever post something on the internet that you do not mind people associating you with, and you are fine. Start by posting little pictures of yourself saying hi in different places as well as clips or video of things that you are doing, seeing or places you’re at. It may seem silly at first, but as you put pictures together throughout the day here and there, it will tell your snap story for that day. This helps to communicate you as an individual to a world of social media that is becoming essential in today’s society. Don’t be intimidated learning to have fun with Snapchat. It’s easy to do and anyone can learn how to Snapchat.

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