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Guide For Grant Agreement Preparation

See also the video on the eSignature of grant documents The Commission is preparing the grant agreement for signature. A PDF document, digitally sealed to ensure its safety, reliability and authenticity, is made available via the electronic exchange system of the Portal Funding – Tenders (My Area). LEAR (the legal unit of agents) – appoints LSIGN and FSIGN on the portal LSIGN (Legal Signatories) – have the right, Financial agreements and amendments to be signed FSIGN (financial signature) – have the right to sign the financial statements of PaCo (Participating Contacts) CoCo (Contacts Coordinator) before the financial contract can be signed, the PLSIGN of each beneficiary must sign a declaration of honor (“Grant Declaration in System”) according to the same procedure as that described in point 3. See the presentation of the declaration of honour for general grants and the separate presentation of the declaration of honour for a low-value grant agreement. While a grant agreement is concluded, each recipient chooses one or more signatories to the project and each of them can sign online. Grant preparation is a well-structured process, with tight deadlines and many administrative tasks. During this period, the funding agency and the successful candidates negotiate the future contract, the grant agreement. For example, under Horizon 2020 (H2020), this process is expected to take up to three months, in accordance with the H2020 rules; Sometimes, however, in practice, it takes a little longer. Successful applicants are informed within 5 months of filing the application in H2020. This is the beginning of the preparation of the grants. PLSIGN sign changes to grant agreements and PFSWs sign accounts using the same process. The grant agreement with the EC is set up by a specific model subsidy agreement.

This model contains specific annexes for financial forms, a budget commitment form and a model for establishing the use of the previous pre-financing tranche. A Grant Agreement model is also available for download. This file contains details of the main financial provisions of the Model Grant Agreement (MGA). The Annotated Model Grant Agreement includes all Horizon 2020 grants. The specific section of the ERA-NET Cofund is available in Chapter V (page 574 and below). Before signing the first Horizon 2020 grant, each legal representative of a beneficiary appoints a legal representative for legal entities (LEAR).

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