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Geometry Is Not So Scary After All

Geometry, most people, run when they even see the sight of this word. Many do not even realize how much one uses geometry. This is one of the areas of mathematics that still has a profound existence in our everyday life.  Consider the very area you are sitting right now reading this article, everything in your view has some sort of shape associated with the object you are starting at. You also have surface area, volume, location and other physical properties all associated with geometry.

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To understand how geometry all ties into applications and technology, we first must understand the more common, more basic uses of geometry that we are used to in everyday life.  The more common uses we find are images such as a stop sign; you associate that with the shape of an octagon, no words even need to be printed on it for most to understand what to do with the strategic placement of the sign. Filling a cup with coffee involves geometry; you have to make sure that you do not overfill the cup as it can only hold a certain volume of fluid within the given container. This is just to give you an idea and get your mind on the track of how geometry works.

Since most do not even realize that it is happening all around them, they have become used to not recognizing its presences in everyday application. From the very instance of planning an application to work, geometry is implemented. A flow chart, which is used to plan how an application will start, react and function on paper, requires the use of shapes to make this happen. These shapes then can eventually interact with the software and show you if there is a flaw in your implementation phase, which is very helpful when planning an application.

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With geometry being involved from the very being of application, I bet you can guess that it is also used through the whole process of your application. For instance, your GPS system, this uses shapes, positioning, and triangulation. The “shape” being your vehicle, the location being the longitude and latitude, plus the satellites that bring it all together to keep you from getting lost; this is just the basic involved in the functioning application.  It further more breaks the world down into smaller squares with the latitude and longitude intersections so that the satellite has a reference point to start with. This then allows for the GPS to help tell you the next move you need to make by the end reference point.  This completes the three points of the triangulation process or just a fancy way of showing that we are using geometry in our applications.

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We use geometry in our everyday life whether one likes to admit to it or not. Without it, things would not have any associations to it, no way to measure out simple recipes or know how large or small an object must be to fit it in your vehicle. It would be a very boring life not to have geometry. We learn geometry at the beginning of our life and use it in the most complex of ways naturally. See, it’s not so scary after all when you hear that it comes naturally.

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