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Free Store is Freedom in Open Source Development

Free Store; is there really an application out there like this? If so, I am sure you are wondering where you can the free store from. Well it is an APK, or android packaging kit, which means you will have to set off out to the internet for your file. This one should not be too hard to locate, just make sure that you have a secure, trusted source before just downloading it. If you are not sure how to tell if it is a safe download, find another one and download some antivirus and malware bytes while you are at it. You would rather be safe than sorry.\


Okay, so back to the free store, I am sure you are thinking, nothing is ever free or this is too good to be true. You may be on the fence about using a program like this or you may be opposed to using it because you feel you are ripping another person off. Whatever your view may be on it, let’s get a little background of the application before you decide whether to use it or not.


So the concept behind the free store is the same as Google Play, except for every application and game is free. There are a lot of developers out there to this day who write open source coding and believe that knowledge and access to it should be free, this is known as open source software. This is exactly what the free store is trying to offer. The makers behind the free store believe that everyone should have access to the information available and be able to use the applications available without paying more.


They have taken a stand to the ever growing popular way to make money. Through coding, applications and websites, there is a ton of money to be made but those who are part of the open source community which existed long before we paid for the technology, believe fees like this should not be acquired.


You will find on this application you can gain access to anything you want; the open source coders have turned the code into a free, fully functional program available to you. All you have to do is set up the free store on your device by locating its APK file to download. You are not going to find this one on Google Play.

No matter your stance on this software, it is well designed program. It is made available to you by open source coders who dedicate their time and resources so that everyone can have access to the same programs out there. Most open source software works on donation base only, so to see that there is a whole store available just like google play is impress. This one goes out to the Free Store and the open source community.

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